We decided to raise money for the Julemærkefonden in Denmark and the Phönikks Stiftung in Hamburg. These two organisations perform important, selfless work, enabling children diagnosed with cancer to thrive and develop despite their illness.

We encourage everyone to contribute. Every contribution counts, large or small.
The total receipts will be donated to the Julemærkefonden in Denmark and the Phönikks Stiftung in Hamburg in mid-August in conjunction with a presentation about the rally.

Euro payments are donated to Phönikks and DKK to Julemærkehjemmet Fjordmark.
When donating, you will receive an official receipt for your tax return.

To make a direct donation, please use the following account details:
IBAN: DK6580650001110282



Reg. nr. 8065 Kontonr. 1110282

IBAN DE62 2005 0550 1280 3030 80 // BIC HASPDEHH
BLZ 200 505 50 // KNR 1280 3030 80

All donations are passed on directly and completely to the intended cause without any deduction.

Gifts for sponsors and the associated costs along with the entire administrative aspect of this great event are funded personally by Annette and Lars Rolner.

Heart Race — in it all the way!

DKK in donations received! Thank you!
Euro in donations received! Thank you!

As a small thank you for your donation, we are offering:

Gold Sponsors

from DKK

4 bottles of Skin Gin Limited Peking/Paris Edition, 4 caps, and more subject to agreement

Silver Sponsors

from DKK 10.000

2 bottles of Skin Gin Limited Peking/Paris Edition, 2 caps and a tour with the co-driver in Padborg Park on 22 September, 2019

Bronze Sponsors

from DKK 1.000

1 bottle of Skin Gin Limited Peking/Paris Edition

Carbon Sponsors

from DKK 500

1 Cap

Basic Sponsors

Knowing you have supported a worthy cause, and entry into a draw for 5 bottles of Skin Gin Limited Peking/Paris Edition

The Two Charities


The Julemærkefonden houses have been helping vulnerable children for more than a century. Today, their efforts are focused on helping children deal with bullying, loneliness and obesity.
Each year, the five Julemærke houses provide help to around 1,000 children aged between 7 and 14. The children receive help overcoming bullying and isolation, learn about healthy nutrition and exercise, and acquire self-confidence so that they can smile again.


Phönikks Stiftung

The Phönikks Stiftung has been around more more than 25 years, providing daily help to ease the lives of families with children suffering from cancer.

With psychological counselling and therapy, and by helping families to help themselves, they assist families as they fight to conquer this illness and guide them in the search for new perspectives and a way back to normality.


Our Partners

Jespersen Communication
Brian Lökke Auto
Fernandes Oldtimer
Phönikks Stiftung, Hamburg

Many thanks to our primary sponsors and donors

Special thanks to

Ina Stott Jørgensen
200 kr
Christian Mønsted
1.000 kr
Bang-Andersen Invest Aps
25.000 kr
Lars Mikael Jørgensen
2.500 kr
Als Maskinfabrik ApS
10.000 kr
Anni Hansen
500 kr
Ebbe H. Mortensen
500 kr
TVR Holding A/S
1.000 kr
Mogens Hegelund Nielsen
500 kr
Lars Eegholm
500 kr
Hans Thuun Aarup
300 kr
Sune Bergkrantz
500 kr
Laura og Jesper Bowman
3.726,66 kr
Per Grønfeldt
3.500 kr